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During 1999 and 2000 Thomas had three number 1 hits on the London Irish Spectrum Radio Show, all of which were original songs. "Where Did We Go Wrong" spent nine weeks at the coveted number one spot, followed by "Irvinestown My Home" written by Thomas and Irvinestown-born Dan Rowe and finally "A Lifetime's A Long Time" written by Henry McMahon.

At this time Henry Mc Mahon from Castleblayney who was one of the original Mainliners approached Thomas and negotiations began and by October 2000 Thomas had made the big decision to relocate back home to Ireland as his new manager Henry wanted to launch his career where the true heart of Country and Irish music lay. Henry carefully auditioned men for the new band and the end result has been astounding; a well experienced group of musicians who have come together to perform a fabulous show wherever they play. To launch the new direction in which Henry was pointing Thomas, Henry wrote a song entitled "A Lifetime's A Long Time" which was released just prior to the launch of Thomas and his new band.

Since October 2000 Thomas' popularity has grown and grown and he has travelled the width and breadth of Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales in his dream to bring his music to a wider audience. He has been interviewed extensively on national and local radio stations and is currently receiving airplay in Denmark, Australia and the USA as well as in his homeland and the UK. Thomas has appeared on the popular BBC Ulster TV show "Hugo and Friends" which was transmitted in 2001.

Fhiona Ennis

Fhiona who hails from Ballymurn in County Wexford comes from a family of six children and Country music has been instilled into her from a very early age resulting in her genuine love for it and a dream to one day record her own album.

Fhiona is no stranger to the recording studio having already performed on Michael English's September 11th Fundraising single "We'll All Stand Together" in 2001. She has also shared the stage with Declan Nerney, Mick Flavin and Jimmy Buckley who have encouraged her along the way to fulfil her dream and commit her voice to tape. Mary Duff has also been an inspiration for Fhiona and has indeed honoured Fhiona by way of giving her the award for "Most Promising Newcomer" at two of her yearly award ceremony's held at her Newtown Country Club in County Meath.

Prior to joining forces with Thomas in 2005, Fhiona has enjoyed great solo success having toured with USA singer/songwriter legend Leona Williams and Moe Bandy as part of their Irish schedules. Fhiona also joined Leona in Nashville for some concerts during the CMA festival 2005 including a live broadcast on the legendary Ernest Tubb's Midnight Jamboree Radio Show. Fhiona was voted 'Best Female Newcomer' at the 2005 'Country & Irish Entertainment Magazine' award show.

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